Why Choose Us?

Gay Reg is the best social network in the world which allow member s to interact for free with the best and latest technologies of a social network can offer. Once you have become a Gay Reg member, you will be able to find and make new friends, create relationships, play games, receive special offers and more. To unlock more features, there is a small yearly fee which we believe that it is affordable for everyone (only £15.99 per year to unlock all Gay Reg features). To ensure that your online transaction is protected, we have only included on payment gateway which is one of the most secure and the most commonly used payment gateway globally "PayPal".

Please note that a large amount of our profit goes to events and helping young people to overcome issues such as homophobic remarks and bulling they receive. We have professional social workers on our team which will be able to reply 24/7 on emails people will send asking for help and support.

All communications are confidential unless we need to involve the police in some extreme cases and only if our social workers feel that the member is in danger.

At the moment, we only have two social workers in the UK and we are happy to accept other qualified social workers from any other part of the world who are willing to join our team voluntary to help and support any LGBT member in their country or even in their area. If you feel that you will be able to provide your help and support, and if you wish to be another volunteer of GayReg.com. Please send us an email on ivolunteer@gayreg.com

Members who support more than 10 members, they will receive a Bronze GayReg certificate for their contributions. Members who help more than 50 members, they will be given a Silver GayReg certificate for their contributions and members who will help more than 100 members, they will receive a Gold GayReg certificate for their contributions. We can all make the difference.
GayReg is not just a social network but a community which promotes equality and diversity, a community which provides help and support to the people who needed the most.

GayReg.com is built with an idea in mind, and this idea is to show people that great things are happening when people are working together without discrimination and homophobia.

This website is created in memory of all exceptional people who their sexual orientation may be different, but their part in the humanity was big.
GayReg is not just for LGBT people but for anyone who feels that we should all live in harmony and help one another without discrimination and prejudice. People need to be free to believe in any god they want, to have the right to be atheist or agnostic. To have the right to get married to the one they love and live their lives in peace.

Please do not signup with GayReg if you don't believe in our 3 main values:
1. Always willing to help others
2. Peace
3. Friendship.

To be different than other people is not what you have the power to choose but by signup, with GayReg.com you have the ability to show that you are free.

Help us built a community which is so strong so when we marching, we will shake the ground, when we speak, we will spread love and when we act, the beautiful thing will be built, so the new generation will know that being different is a good thing.

This website is now live because of one person who managed to save the world from the worst dictator of all times. This website is now live in the memory of ALAN TURING the greatest mathematician and code breaker of all times. The person who created the very first game to function with zero and one (binary code).

Alan Turing codebraker
This is why GayReg also has some video games which will allow our members to have fun.
Please spread the word "GayReg", help us to build a community where everyone will be able to play a part.
Thank you very much for taking the time and reading "Why Choose Us".

In Memory of Alan Turing:


Why We're Different

GayReg is not just a social network but a community. GayReg makes the whole world feel like a neighbourhood where everyone knows everyone. We help people to bypass any psychological issues they may have with our very helpful, qualified and professional social workers in our team.
Please note that GayReg.com will not allow inappropriate images or language.

If you send inappropriate images directly to other users or any inappropriate language, we can't stop you. However, any inappropriate language, images or any other inappropriate materials are reported to us; we will remove them and give you a warning. If we feel that you are damaging the image of our community or our reputation, we will suspend your account (if you have completed a payment, you will not receive a refund). Please use GayReg.com fairly.

Thank you!

Find Your Match!

Are you Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transsexual, Straight or none of the above? Join us, join our community. Help us to design a world without discrimination and prejudice. A world where people will speak and help one another. A place of peace and love. A place where you will never feel alone.

Please note that if you can’t afford the Gold or Premium GayReg package, you can still have enough privileges when you sign up for free.